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page-industry-commercial_0 Sycore believes that a strong position in the market is based on the unceasing close dialogue with our clients. Thanks to regular and effective communication, we can easily address challenging situations and identify new and effective market developments by turning into inbound sales call center solutions.


Whether it’s a dedicated, ongoing support or a short-term mistured solution created to address a particular program or campaign, Sycore’s inbound call center service solutions can help you meet your business goals. From simple answering common questions through call, chat or email to help determine eligibility, Sycore receives each call with professionalism, sensitivity, courtesy and warmth.

A successful call support program must be able to effortlessly understand and communicate. Sycore’s experience, technology, and strict adherence to standards provide a full complement of our call center service options for different industries. url


Taking advantage of advanced inbound call center streamlined processes, we have achieve the highest levels of accuracy and the minimum turnaround times.



Sycore Business Solutions offers outbound sales and telemarketing support services, which are available for outsourcing to small to mid scale businesses. Sycore’s main element is the principle of intelligent communication.


In a highly competitive industry, every client contact counts. Sycore’s telemarketing call center environments advocates to deliver exceptional outbound sales support, whether it’s B2B or B2C call campaigns. Our outbound sales covers areas of lead egenration, appointment setting, market research, database services and even trainings.


Our services can also include logical and convenient self-service capabilities. Perfectly suited to handle routine questions and issues at any given time of day or night, our self-service options can be the perfect complement to client’s comprehensive call centers.


Contact us today to learn how our end-to-end business operations centers  can help you reach even the highest performance and quality targets.




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