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Company Profile


Sycore Business Solutions Corporation believes in the uniqueness of each client, thus we provide customized service according to what the client needs. We also believe that hard work, determination and an unwavering focus on maintaining excellent performance drives optimum revenue. We value the contributions that our employees give to the organization by providing loyalty-promoting incentives and strong engagement programs following the principle of mutual growth.



  • To offer specialty services and creative solutions to both new and established companies through superior telecommunication processes.


  • To enhance, optimize and maximize our clients’ marketing and advertising strategies.


  • To provide clients with complete marketing solutions, geared towards increase exposure and sales of brand, products, and services and increase clients’ return of investment.



Our vision is to be the leading business outsourcing solutions provider by continuously increasing our service efficiency and maximizing our clients’ value for money.



We at Sycore Business Solutions promote the organization-wide idea of “Quality equals Best Performance”. Sycore Business Solutions consistently strives to set high standards of quality by maintaining the perfect balance of world class technological resources, best systems and highly trained professionals to run our campaigns. We understand that nothing is more essential to ensure customer satisfaction than producing quality services.


We follow best practices such as:

  • Recording all communications with our customers including voice, email, live chat,and correspondence.


  • Ensuring timely reporting to track and improve departmental quality performance.


  • Understanding that world-class quality is a continuous process therefore we have periodic evaluation, documentation, associate feedback, and follow – up training exercises related to contact monitoring sessions.


  • Encouraging feedback from both our clients as well as their customers to help us review the quality of customer care professionals. This feedback is also instrumental in reviewing quality of service at the corporate, operation center and departmental levels at Call Vertical.


  • Unwavering commitment on service quality assurance, which may be gauged by our supervisor to agent ratio – as high as 1:10 against the generally acceptable industry ratio of 1:13.


  • Developing well-structured call escalation processes to handle more challenging and technical customer requests. Call Vertical functions efficiently as your brand ambassador and offer personalized service to your needs.




Sycore Business Solutions Corporation espouse the following values in dealing with our stakeholders:


F          -           Fairness and Equality

I           -           Integrity

R         -           Responsible Professionals

S          –           Steadfast

T          –           Teamwork

Fairness and Equality

We will ensure that our clients, employees, vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders are treated with the highest degree of dignity and abidance to laws governing our corporate relationship with them.

We will make all business decisions with a resolute determination to do the “right thing.”
Responsible Professionals
We will shape a corporate culture of accountability.

We will pursue excellence at the highest level and develop company programs designed to uphold loyalty and commitment.


We will build and nurture teams that have strong relationships, share best practices and respect diverse orientation and points of view but still directed towards the achievement of our corporate goals.



Sycore Business Solutions inbound and outbound programs, offers communication services specifically designed to maximize the efficiency of your direct marketing efforts or to be part of your technical support team. We work together with you as a partner in building a strong, successful long-lasting relationship with your customers.

The range of services in the Sycore Business Solutions Services includes:

  • Customer Service
  • Outbound Sales
  • Inbound Sales


Sycore Business Solutions started operations on September 8, 2008. It is comprised of a special group of people who is truly sincere to do and will go the extra mile to ensure the highest standards in our work.


The company has proven record in delivering clients’ requirements when it comes to infrastructure, talent ramp up and above par center performance.


Sycore has consistently ranked number one in its two major campaigns, competing with centers in the United States, South America and other centers in the Philippines.


  • We have also worked with other companies in the following areas:

o   Outbound Sales

o   Inbound Customer Support/Sales

o   Appointment Setting

o   Lead Generation

o   Service Specialists