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Davao at its finest

Today, Davao City is the center of trade and commerce in Mindanao. It’s less than 2 hour flight from Manila or Cebu. Davao is also the gateway to East Asian countries, particularly Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

What makes this city an upbeat, up-tempo, and up-to-the-minute destination? Davao City, a bustling and dynamic metropolis inhabited by 1.4 million people from different tribes, cultures and faiths, is abundant with amazing spectacles and destinations. From the waters of the gulf to the highlands of the countryside, Davao City is endowed with dazzling landscapes and blessed with wealth in natural wonders.
Davao City is cited as the most viable city for BPOs. Given the fact that Davao is not yet saturated, the turn-over rate will not be very high compared to Manila and Cebu and given the low environmental risk, as compare to other cities, it is expected for Davao to top the list
According to recent study, several companies from other countries are “shifting to the Philippines as the location for outsourcing.There are a lot of English speaking workers in Davao who are trained to answer U.S. phone calls, design the latest websites, software, and offer technical support to foreign clients via online live chats.
Enjoy the best of both worlds in Davao City – a fascinating mix of small town allure and the sophisticated comforts of a modern metropolis.
Davao City is truly an exciting cosmopolitan destination with a harmonious mix of nature and culture, wildlife and nightlife, spectacular islands and breathtaking highlands that make up one truly unforgettable Davao experience.
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
― Helen Keller